The model of One Person Company [OPC] is a latest figure of business, initiated by The Companies Act, 2013 [No.18 of 2013], thus allowing Entrepreneur(s) fetching on the business in the sole owner form of business to penetrate into a Corporate Framework.

One Person Company is a fusion of Sole-Proprietor and Company shape of business, and has been offered with concessional stress-free needs under the Act.

The single proprietor is always known as solo proprietors too. These proprietors are always assigned to as independent agents, self-employed, freelancer, sole proprietor or like a home business owner. These are always depending on the specialized and professional segment as they perform the task. These business persons often work together with other entrepreneurs or collaborate with other business teams or consultants. It entire depends on their exact business requirements. Outsourcing of fundamental task or some certain ventures associated work is the adjoining these businesses provokes about having “team”.

Thus, it is crucial for the Entrepreneur to cautiously think the features of an OPC earlier to integration. Sterlingccpl can help integrate a One Person Company (OPC) in India.

Our ProfessionalTeam always focus ensurus quality and follow all the Business Compliances without any compramise
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