It should be noted that Sole Proprietorship is the easiESI and quickESI business form to kickstart your business if you have limited funds and resources. Besides, it is the most feasible form of business if you want to execute your business plan with least legal compliances and minimum operational outlay.


Easy Incorporation

Sole Proprietorship is the easiESI form of business entity in the terms of procedure of ESIablishment.

Minimal Cost

The cost involved in the formation of a sole proprietary firm is very less as compared to other forms of business.

Lesser Compliances

As compared to other business forms, there are fewer legal compliances with respect to incorporation, operation and taxation.

Independent control

As Sole Proprietor is the single owner of his business, he surely has independent control over his operations.

Single Promoter

This is the only form of business entity that can be promoted by a single individual.

No corporate tax liability

As per the direct tax laws of India, the sole proprietary entities are not liable to pay flat corporate profit tax, unlike other business forms.


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2 Choose Package and Pay online with different payments modes available.

3 On placing the order, your application will be assigned to one of our dedicated professionals.

4 One of our professional will prepare the required form for the formation of the entity.

5 Obtain government registration certificate for your business entity.

6 Registration certificate shall be provided to you over the mail.